Friday, July 3, 2009

Welcome to AGW Revealed

The current hysteria surrounding ‘climate change’, ‘global warming’ (or whatever label fits the argument of the pro-warmist agenda this week) is truly heading into dangerous territory.

Frighteningly, the fact that we are all being duped by AGW (Anthropogenic* Global Warming) proponents is largely being ignored by the popular media and has become a plaything for agenda driven, stupid and/or lazy politicians.

The costs of allowing discussion around climate to be so biased will be huge.

Many thousands of highly credentialed scientists now question the theory that man made emissions of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) are the cause of the slight shift towards warming we saw up to around the beginning of the century. Of course the fact we haven’t warmed for almost a decade is never mentioned by pro AGW lobbyists.

Despite what AGW followers might say, we are no longer arguing science. It has become a religion. We are told to believe without question. Armageddon is coming and we must repent oh sinner! Not since Heavens Gate have we seen such a dangerous sect.

And those who dare to question climate zealots are subjected to abuse and name calling. “Denialist”, “Sceptics”, “paid by oil companies”, you’ll hear them say.

I am proudly a 'Sceptic' and if we all don't start asking some serious questions about the theory that carbon dioxide has doomed the planet we will end up paying dearly.

The fact remains that AGW IS A THEORY, with outcomes derived in the mind of a computer through questionable data inputs.

This is the same computer modelling that can’t predict our weather next week with any accuracy by the way, let alone 70 years time.

There are literally thousands of scientists world wide that have serious concerns about the 'science' behind the IPCC's (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) assertions of climate change and they are rarely heard.

Recently the USA passed an emissions trading program called "cap-and-trade" that has very serious implications for the ailing American economy. 85% of the energy produced in the US has CO2 as a by-product. Mark my words! Jobs will go.

Australia is next if Kevin Rudd, Penny Wong and the Greens get their way.

Come back periodically and I will get as many details for the real story behind climate change as I can find.

Thanks for dropping by.

(*Anthropogenic or man made)

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